Amidst the problems and crisis in the country, Nigerians still find a way to celebrate and have fun amongst themselves.

Nigerians in Abuja had a great time visiting the illumination of the Christmas light in Abuja on Saturday.

Parents and their children had the most fun playing with toys and celebrating with traditional songs and dancing.

The people were so excited and you can see it in their faces that they enjoyed coming out for the Christmas celebrations after the restrictions placed on the country and the world at large, as a result of the pandemic.

One of the attendees who had the opportunity to speak, said, “It’s good to be here to have a breath of fresh air, you know with the last year pandemic and lockdown. Now that we are not having any lockdown, it’s a good time to come with the children just to have fun.”

The festivities were not only restricted to the Nigerians in theĀ  community, the Mexicans and Indians in Abuja also presented on the stage.

There were lots of dancing and singing among the people. This is an event that won’t be forgotten in a hurry as the Christmas celebrations approach.