I am the first seed of 7 siblings, born into a typical low income self employed fashion design Baptist Christains. Born in Beilo Kom in the North West region, raised in the South West region of Cameroon and later moved to South Africa via road across 5 different African countries. I lived in South Africa for 23 years where I conceived and gave birth to my son. Growing up as a child I was always attracted to music. I listened to Miriam Makheba’s music always as well as other music and I always told myself when I grow up I want to be like her. As a child I would gather the kids in my community and pretend as though I was on the stage with a spoon representing a microphone and sing some church songs and they will cheer me. In my secondary school I tried joining the choir but was never given the chance but in high school I was welcomed into the choir where I did sometimes play the drums as well. After my A’levels as I awaited to go into the university I taught in secondary school and whiles there I formed a choir. Whiles working in Yaounde Cameroon as a senior research technician, now I know it was the Holy Spirit that led me to form an all female acapela group. I discussed the idea with a close friend at the time and she ralied 4 other females and the group was born. TS. This group later represented Cameroon in South Africa in 1995. Now that I write I hear the Holy Spirit reminding me as to why I got hooked to Mama Africa Miriam Makheba of South Africa. After about a decade and half the desire to come up with a solo Gospel Album never departed from me and so in 2015 I started working on my solo Album which was released in April of 2017. No one in my blood family believed in me except my little sister Mildred who never stopped encouraging me. Since then I have never stopped believing in me and day after day the Lord keeps on ordering me steps up this point and further.  For further information email me at [email protected]
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